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Cat Lover-Wooden Wall Hanging

Cat Lover-Wooden Wall Hanging


*These are handcrafted and beautifully designed wall hangings.Made on wooded discs slices.

*They make for beautiful gifts for special  occasions to your loved ones and they are extremely delightful for personal use too.

*Made using the Transfer techniques with  prints on front  side and plain wooden finish on the back

* Vintage bells attached.


Dimensions:Total length of the hanging with bell is 13 cms approx

  • Product Information:

    Dimensions  7 cms
    Material Pinewood
    Thickness  10 mm
    Color Blue
  • Care instructions

    • Use a slightly damp cloth to clean.Wipe dry.
    • Avoid washing under running water.
    • Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the wooden surface.
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