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White Butterfly -Key Fob Keychain

White Butterfly -Key Fob Keychain


Key fobs are one of my go to gifts to make! They're fun, quick, and everyone seems to enjoy receiving them. They are the perfect little utility product for keeping your keys handy and keeping you hands free! They also make great gifts for friends, relatives, bridesmaids, or co-workers at the office.


Each key fob is handmade with pure cotton fabric and sturdy nickel plated hardware. Includes a heavy-duty split ring for keeping all your keys together.


Wristlet band is 1″ wide (2.5cm) and 10″ long (25.4cm), forming a 5″ (12.7cm) loop that will securely fit on all wrists.


Comes in 2 colour Metallic silver and gold plated.

Fob Colour
  • Product Information:

    Material 100%Cotton Fabric


    5 inches 

    Closure  Key Fob with Split Ring
  • Care instructions

    Do not Machine Wash or rinse.

    You can dip in water and wash separately if needed.

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